Review of Pocket Expense for IOS

Posted on 02/06/2015 by in Reviews

Pocket Expense, an app to help you keep track of your money, from one of payments to regular expenditures. I have now been using the application or “app” for 7 months, and just though I haven’t talked about it yet. So here we go.

So first of all, why did I get this app, well that is quite simple, I have always used apps to keep track of how much I have, since I got my first iPhone 3GS, and I have only used, long term, two apps in all this time. So why two, well the app I used before was great but was no longer in development, well it is but so slowly that when I got an iPhone 5 the screen resolution was not supported for another year, and the app has started to gain quite a few bugs. So I needed to change to keep the use of it streamlined so that I wouldn’t be wasting effort for no reason.

So this app has one purpose, as most well made apps do. This is to help me organise my income and expenditure. It allows me to create multiple accounts, for example one for my current account, savings account and cash in hand. I could add one for my credit card but money isn’t tight enough for that to be a problem for if money on the card has been charged or not.

The app allows you to set categories for income and expenditure, for example I have categories for transport and under that I have one for buses and taxis. This allows me to see what is costing me what each month a lot easier and with a quick glance.

I can do one of payment, for example when I buy a bus ticket. Or set up re-occurring payments for example Spotify and DeviantART, this saves me having to remember to add a payment for Spotify each month. This increases the accuracy of the amounts in the accounts in the app in comparison to the accounts in real life.

I won’t go into detail about all the other features, and just say it’s a great app, I would recommend it if someone was asking, but can’t say if it’s the best money management app on the IOS store, as I have not tried many others. But over overall a great app.

The app can be found here.

Review of UnPlugged

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So what is UnPlugged, UnPlugged is a small application that’s purpose is to make sure that you don’t get a flat battery during your workflow.

So what does this application do to make sure that you don’t run out of power during your workflow. It’s simple it gives you little reminders to inform you of your battery level. That is pretty much it XD.

The built in battery monitor on OSX which is very similar to the one on Windows allows you to set two points, on the battery level, I use one for a notification and one for an emergency “Hibernation” in Windows and “Deep Sleep” in OSX. With these points set I will be reminded if the battery hits 10% so I have time to go and get my charger and if the battery hits 2% then the system will save it’s state and power down, allowing me to continue when I gain power again.

Anyways back to this application, it is useful as it allows me to set more points for notifications, I have mine set to notify me every 10% when discharging and every 5% for under 20%. Because how many times have your been notified that that battery is about to die and then get distracted and it then dies on you suddenly, so the more reminders the better.

So over all a great free little application that will save you ripping your hair out when your laptop powers down during the middle of something.

UnPlugged can be found here.

Where have I been?

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So I haven’t updated you guys in a while, mainly because I haven’t had much to talk about. So let’s update.

So what have I been up too, I have written a few blog posts over the last month of inactivity, but never actually got around to uploading them, as I didn’t like them, sorry about that.  I have also been messing around with a load of new software, mainly virtualisation operating systems, of which I should make a post related to.  I will be uploading a few more over the next week or so as I have a couple I am happy with now that I wrote last week.

Also this server is now stable and sorted for as long as I feel like using this set-up, though doesn’t mean I won’t be randomly changing it XD.

Just a short update, have a good day ^_^.

Ooo Shiny

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So as you may have noticed my website has just dramatically changed.  I was getting bored of my simple site so over the last few days I created a new portfolio site, which is a bit more modern.

So first of all my old site can still be access (for now) at  I will no longer be updating the old site but will leave it there for a while mainly because I’m still proud of it, I think I did very well for my first ever website.  Now only 6 months later, I have progressed to the level I am now, lets see what another 6 months brings.

Anyways I have also created a new hierarchy for my site.  I have moved from using folders to using sub-domains.  The main site is still and will be for the foreseeable future.  I have set up for the blog, for where I will test updates for my site before making them live on the main page, and of cause the

N.B. The legacy site has a few link errors thanks to being moved to a sub-domain as I used some links that used the current location of the files and some static URL links.

Review of “TRENDnet TEG-s50g

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For my first review I decided to take something that would be easy to review and that I have used for a long time.

So first things first, the TRENDnet network switch model ‘TEG-S50g’ is a 5 port unmanaged network switch, with gigabit connectivity, designed for home and small businesses.  I am reviewing the hardware version V3.1R.

Some tech specs straight from the Amazon posting for the product.

5 x 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-Negotiation, Auto-MDIX Gigabit Ethernet ports
Store-and-Forward switching architecture with non-blocking wire-speed performance
IEEE 802.3x Flow Control for full-duplex mode
Back pressure Flow Control for half-duplex mode
Integrated address look-up engine with an 8K absolute MAC address table and 128KBytes RAM data buffering
Operates and maximises packet filtering and forwarding rate
Physical layer port polarity detection and correction
IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet and GREENnet technology
Jumbo Frame support up to 9216Bytes
Sturdy metal housing
Diagnostic LEDs and Plug and Play

To the review.

The network switch case is made extremely well, and sturdy enough to be stood on and not care, I feel like I could jump on it and the switch have no problem but not going to test this ^_^.

I am no expert when it comes to networks (yet) but have been running this switch at home for eight months now and had no problems with it, my current set up is to connect the home WiFi via my laptop and then share the network connection down to the switch where it is distributed to all the devices in my room(I like having my own personal LAN, allows me to mess with it a bit more).
When I got this switch I originally powered it via the supplied power plug. But one day I was going to a LAN party and I was in charge of the networking, and knew that plugs were going to be a problem so decided to get a USB to Type M Barrel Cable, so that I could power the switch over USB as it was rated at 5V at 1A, worked perfectly.

Detail on power usage

I have just got access of a dedicated USB multi meter so decided to put it to good use (may review this product in the future if it goes back on sale).

Peak: 1.75W (during power up)
Usage 0.7W to 0.9W **
Ideal: 0.46W (no devices connected to the switch)
*These test were run via a USB port on my laptop.
** I tested the switch power usage during use by transferring data from one computer to another though the network switch, I can’t do a full load test as I don’t have the equipment available, the test included two devices transferring on average ~500Mb/s but started at 1Gb/s until the RAM buffer filled on my PC slowing the transfer speed to the rate of the HDD after 8GB of data being transferred at the full 1Gb/s.

The network switch comes with the rubber feet not attached for users preference and can be found in the box and have holes on the housing has indents intended for the feet. There are also two screw mounting holes in the back for mounting on a wall or other surface, with these holes it can be mounted with the RJ45 ports facing down, facing up or facing back, ready to suit all situations.

So overall I think that this switch is an amazingly good value for money switch, it is the cheapest 5 port gigabit switch on Amazon at the writing of this review. Also compared to the other network switches in this area has a metal housing which is a giant plus to me I would pay a few quid more just for this.

More information on the switch can be found on the official product page here.
The Amazon listing for the product can be found here.


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So what has happened.

Well over the last week I have transferred my website over three servers. The original with 000webhosting which wasn’t great but can’t complain at free.  A friend offered some resources of his server and I used that for a day but felt bad using it XD.  So that day I ordered a new Virtual Private Server, of which I am using now.

The reason it took about a week is that I have been trying different operating system on the server.  Some free and some paid.  I might write some in detail reviews of them.  Anyways the main two I were choosing between in the end were Cpanel and Parallels Plesk 12.  I decided on Plesk in the end for multiple reasons, which I’ll talk about another time.  So I now have a licensed copy of Plsk installed on an Ubuntu host OS.

I have also bought the domain now so I have that, it is now set up as an alias for and will just forward to this site.

If you are reading this then you may have noticed that I have a new blog set up, I have started from scratch with a new blog as the last was a mash up of things that we’re being held together with duck-tape XD.

That’s all for now, have a good day.